Smash it up or just dance it to pieces

1999: Pushwagner aka Terje Brofors allways used to allways dance around. At a photo exhibition with a DJ and a dancefloor I was early, and so was Push.

The music had barely started and Push moved around like always. I tried to stay in the same spot and get multiple shots without him being distracted. 

The idea was to capture his moving around and piece it together afterwards. I am happy with the result, shot with a G9 and glued toghether in the Computer.

My creation was printed over two pages in the book titled PUSHWAGER (ISBN 978-1-908970-00-8) it says in the book that the place is Stratos, which is wrong. The photo exhibiton was rock photos by some guy who had followed the Rolling Stones around and took place at Mølleparken in Oslo.